We are proud to guarantee that our meat is of Montenegrin origin. Growing chickens on our farm in Nikšić, animal feed laying chickens food of Montenegrin producers, slaughter processing is done in our the poultry slaughterhouse. Packaging for our meat from Montenegrin producers.

Health, sanitary and veterinary control of the whole of our production is under the control of the competent Montenegrin institutions. The labor force is the local – Niksic areas. All auxiliary inputs for production: energy and related services, etc. from Montenegrin companies.

And finally imperative to us that our meat finds its way to the table of every Montenegrin consumers through local butcher shops, restaurants and hotels.

There are many ways to produce chicken meat. In some countries, they feed chickens with hormones that could lead to faster growth of chickens. Sometimes chicken food with cheaper food (GMO additives). Also water filling of chicken meat was old and ugly part of the chicken industry in some parts of the world. All of these methods include the risk to your health. That’s why we sell only 100% Montenegrin product, no ingredients of animal origin or GMOs, additives and water. This is our promise!