Our company uses the latest production prinicipe based on what humane conditions for breeding chickens. Using the analysis of the famous university, “Cornell” from Ithaca, NY, USA came up with the idea of playing music on our farms. With representatives of prominent universities we are in constant communication. Also, they connect us with the University of Georgia, who also successfully organized the research in the field of poultry and whose representatives also help us advice and abandonment of scientific papers.

Research on the positive effects of music on the development of chickens worked distinguished professors: Mr. Gadi Gvaryahu, Mr. Dan Cunningham and Mr. Art Tienhoven and concluded that playing music has a positive effect on the quality of chicken meat.

Music creates an environment for which humane development of our chickens and this will lead to a result of better quality meat. Music used in the production process, is solely the classical music that his quiet tones leads to a reduction of stress, uniformity in feeding chickens and peace during their breeding.

Below on the above link you can see research conducted by these scientists:,

Our sole aim is to increase the quality of the meat to make our customers satisfied and happy that they bought meat that is healthier for themselves and their families.