Simply put, once you try our meat you’ll remember the taste, and then you look for it again. Our meat is significantly softer and has a specific taste, or simply not possible words to describe it. Only when you taste it, the story becomes simpler because you see what you eat and how is it different from anything you have previously tried. Practically, our product sells itself because it is a high quality, and the quality always finds its way to the customer.

This is supported by the fact that the chicken breeding takes place in modern facilities with the equipment in them that enables an outstanding environment for growing chicks. Humanity compared with chickens during their education was raised to the highest level. Animal food they eat our chickens from Montenegrin producers without additives of any ingredients of animal origin and non-GMO crops. Feeding chickens is “at will” so that the chicks are at all times accessible food in a quantity that they want to enter into the body. Suva mat – chopped straw on a daily basis adds to restrict chickens ‘live’ on a wet mat. A break of two hours for 24 hours without lights is also one of the very human approach to farming.

Daily disinfection of premises, equipment and funds for the work that is otherwise common procedure for additional direct impact on the quality of our meat.

In the end, our flesh as the final product does not contain any kind of injected water or an additive that binds water to the meat, so when a customer buys our product is safe in that it purchased 100% of the same amount of bound water without the meat.